E3 2017 Highlights (Sony)

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

After the disappointing news that there will be no Tomb Raider related announcements at this year’s E3, a trailer for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was a welcomed beginning to the Sony conference.  While the two series have only surface similarities, it’s enough to scratch the itch.  Instead of focusing on the main characters, we are now playing as Chloe, occasional co-worker of Drake, and just as much of an entertaining rascal.  It contains that same balance of drama, character development, and comedy that has made the Uncharted series so popular, and the trademark over-the-top action seems to be firmly in place.  I love the idea of Uncharted branching out and telling the stories of the secondary characters, and putting two female leads front and center is very exciting.

Days Gone

Zombie games are fast becoming this generation’s World War 2 first person shooters.  After Dying Light a few years ago, I felt I’d had my fill of zombie apocalypses, but this has had my attention since last year’s E3.  The open world presented here is dirty and miserable.  There are bodies strung up by the ankles, giving Tomb Raider (2013) a run for its money when it comes to creepy grossness. And there are herds of zombies that run at you and can kill you pretty quickly.  The trailer also showcases the stealth elements of the game, which is less Sam Fisher and more doing bad things that will injure people and even leave some dead, if it means you will stay alive and achieve your goal.  The main character seems, on the surface, to be the generic tough guy, but there’s clearly more to him than that, and every time I see footage of this game, I become more and more curious about him and the world he is living in.

Shadow of the Colossus

The only game to ever make me feel nauseous, and the only game that ever had me kill innocent creatures for my own selfish desires has been remade for the PlayStation 4 and it looks stunning.  I dare say there are plenty of people who missed this game the first time around, or were too young to play it when it first came out, so it’s wonderful that they’re getting another chance to experience it.  The original was a rather short affair with little to do outside of killing the colossi, so here’s hoping the developers have put some extra content in to make it a worthwhile second purchase.  And here’s hoping they’ve done something about the dodgy frame rate and questionable control layout.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – VR

It’s not terribly difficult to get frustrated that six years after Skyrim‘s release we have yet to see a hint of The Elder Scrolls VI.  That being said, this is the perfect kind of a game for VR, especially given that you are meant to immerse yourself in the world it creates and explore every nook and cranny.  VR could really help to convey that feeling of living another life in another world.  Then again, it could be Bethesda attempting to milk Skyrim for all it’s worth.  I guess the gamers will decide that one for themselves.

God of War

Either I’m reading this wrong, or this is a study of toxic masculinity and how that affects young men growing up.  I probably am.  But still, despite not having played a God of War game in a number of years, this has got me interested.  The father/son relationship actually looks like something that could add some depth to what I’ve long been perceiving as a rather shallow hack and slash.  The world looks lovely in all of its dangerous glory, and I’ll be curious to see to what extent combat changes now that Kratos has a child in tow with him.

Detroit: Become Human

Building on from E3 2016, this time we are following a different character, Marcus.  While the trailer still shows us that this is a game of choices, it is focusing more on story this time.  Marcus is an android who sees his kind as a slave race to be freed.  Last year’s trailer caught my interest, but this makes me downright excited for the game.  A futuristic, neo-noir story about slavery and rebellion sound like my idea of a great game.  There’s no release date and I get the impression it’s still a while off, but this will certainly be one I’ll be keep an eye on from now on.


This was – forgive me – marvelous.  Spider-Man leaps from wall to ground to iron beams effortlessly and quietly as he picks off enemies one by one.  He doesn’t just attack, but uses his webbing to ensnare them, or hang them up, or catch them when they fall off the side of a building, like something right out of the pages of the comic book.  And of course, the action only gets bigger from there.  Whether he’s leaping from surface to surface, or full on web-slinging, Spider-Man looks awesome and the whole thing looks like a tremendous amount of fun.  Even the quick-time-events, which I usually hate, look like an adrenaline ride.  Sony really did leave the best for last.  This looks like a hell of a lot of fun and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


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