The Walking Dead Season 3 teaser

The Walking Dead Season 3 trailer opens in a very different location from Season 2, which stuck to country and woodland areas and a lot of snow.  Perhaps that is partly to do with Lee’s advice to Clementine at the end of Season One: stay away from the cities.  Now we are back in an urban environment, which has a New England feel about it, though nothing has been confirmed about specific locations yet.  It shows Clementine – now in her early teens – with a new character, a man named Javier.  After shooting a walker, Javier says, ‘That one was marked too.  We must be getting close.  Just hold on.’

wds3 trailer

The ‘marked’ comment refers to tatoo like image on the walker’s back, which Javier also sports on his neck.  It suggest some kind of branding to mark them as belonging to some kind of tribe or compound.  They appear to be making their way towards it, and Javier’s comment ‘just hold on’ sounds more like a thought than actual spoken words, so perhaps they are on a rescue mission to help some of the new characters we encounter in this season.

A compound would also introduce a new villain, in the style of Carver in Season 2.  It may also explain why Clementine is missing a finger from her left hand, which may have been some kind of punishment, or the consequences of a choice the player will have to make.

wds3 trailer 02

The only thing that had me a bit worried was at the end when Javier moves forward, the camera pans with him instead of staying with Clementine, suggesting he’s more of a focus this time around than she is.  Telltale have said that both of them will be playable characters, but haven’t elaborated yet on how that is executed.  Do we go back and forth between the two?  Do we get a choice as to who to play as at the beginning of each chapter, therefore giving us two different ways to play it?  Having just finished Season 2, I’m also wondering: where’s the baby?  And while I chose to be alone at the end of the game, I can’t help but wonder if Kenny or Jane turn up for those who went down another route.

Despite only being a teaser, there’s just enough here to get me excited about the game and I’m delighted we shouldn’t have to wait too long for it.


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