Zombie Dice

I saw Zombie Dice on Table top and thought I’d check out the App version. The premise of the game is a simple one – you roll three dice in your turn, with the goal of rolling brains. If you get footsteps, your victim has escaped, and explosives mean you’ve been shot gunned. You can roll as many times as you want before stopping and adding the brains you’ve collected to your overall score, however if you get shot gunned three times your turn is over and you loose any brains you’ve collected.

When dice rolling – or other such random element – is inserted into a computer game, I can’t help but feel there is an inbuilt bias towards the AI player and it’s really hard not to feel this way when playing Zombie Dice. I would watch the AI player score eight brains in its turn only for me to then get shot gunned almost straight away. Here is the first roll of a random game I played before writing this, first my roll, then the AI Players:

tumblr_inline_mzrfzrRES41rqhznztumblr_inline_mzrg0hBsQQ1rqhznzMucky Chuckie went on to win, naturally. This happens over and over, to the point that when I did score big, it put me into a state of shock.

The upside of the game is you are not constantly hassled with ads as you are in so many apps. It is also free – you have to buy it to have the honour of having more than two players or being able to play it via pass-play – so it’s not like it cheated me out of money. But even as a freebie it’s just not worth the time. It’s visually dull, it’s boring to play and it holds none of the fun a real world, in-the-flesh game seems to.


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